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This site is devoted to industrial mathematics development in Poland. It is maintained by the research Centre for Industrial Applications of Mathematics and Systems Engineering (CIAMSE) of Polish Academy of Sciences. The Centre is proud to follow the best British academic practice in industrial mathematics from Cambridge and Oxford. The principles and philosophy underlying our activities are best explained in the following quote:


“The English term industrial mathematics has now widely accepted Polish counterpart. The British say that industrial mathematicians engage in activities similar to the ones taken up by applied mathematicians, only the research is done for money supplied by the ones who find the results useful in their job. A short, yet a little more formal definition says that the industrial mathematics is a human activity which employs precise mathematical description and reasoning in order to solve real-world problems for the benefit of companies or institutions.

The emphasis is on clear definition of the problem and seeking solutions which are “as simple as possible, but not simpler”. As experience shows, the solutions obtained in such process are not only valuable for their practical applicability but also stimulate research and provide platform for cooperation for researchers with different backgrounds and experience.”


Should you be interested in contacting the Centre please read basic information and send e-mail to:


On this server there is also a small section of publication on industrial mathematics in English, you may see them here.

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